Mike Weiss
Coldwell Banker Realty 612.747.5463

Dear Mike,

After being in real estate for almost 20 years, and several different states, I would honestly say it is pretty hard to impress me. I don’t want to say I am jaded, but I have done my share of buying, selling and closing homes and it takes a lot to make me sit up and take notice.

Working with you on the purchase of my home in Edina, MN has been, by far, an experience that reminds me what customer service is supposed to mean. You, as well as your teammates at Coldwell Banker Burnet, have gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations during this transaction.

Not only has everything been handled professionally, timely and without stress, it has been fun. As a transferee to the area, you have not only helped me with a house, you have helped me become a member of the community in your much loved Edina.

Please use my name as a reference for any customer who wants to hear “right from the horses mouth” how wonderful purchasing a home can be.


Vice President of Sales
Pulte Group: Minnesota


I’m an individual that recently sold my home of 50 years, purchased a new home 25 miles away and made the “move”. It goes without saying that getting from A to Z was not easy. He put into place a marketing technique that is seldom heard of in the real estate industry. It took innovative thinking and planning. It took a positive attitude along with a vivacious personality that spreads positively to prospective clients. It took genuine compassion and a true desire to help his clients reach their desired goals. Lastly, it took integrity and a great deal of hard work. Mike did not flinch; he went forward with great enthusiasm and a bottom line resolve to be successful. Success to Mike as a real estate agents means yes, to sell, but foremost to coach the right people/person to the right home. He believes a house is a home, not just a commodity.

Mike’s manner of selling is unique. It is not about pressure; it’s what is best for his client. That sales technique in its rarity does produce the most successful sales and satisfied clients. Proof in point being he sold my home in less than 1 week after it was listed.

After my home was sold Mike went on to help my find a new home to buy in an area 25 miles away. This was a tremendous challenge as I was leaving a beautiful home in an enviable location. It took many trips, miles and walkthroughs before the right home surfaced. In all of this Mike did not make me feel guilty because of the driving distance and time it took. He even scheduled walk throughs in homes that were quite different from my wish list so that I would have something to compare. Again, the goal was reached in a timely and satisfactory manner.

This REALTOR® knows that moving, selling or buying a home is not easy. He also knows how to bring to fruition ways that are palatable, maximizing and even fun. He did it for me! He can do it for you!

If you are contemplating a real estate journey and if you need help with the bumps along the way so you will have a gentle arrival at your desired destination than do yourself a favor. Contact Mike Weiss today. He is the navigator that can exalt the valleys along the way and make your journey’s end a DREAM COME TRUE!



Mike helped us find and CLOSE on our first house. We are incredibly grateful for his guidance and expertise. He listened to our likes and dislikes and made the big decision a fun process! I would highly recommend Mike as a realtor to any of my friends who need to either sell or purchase real estate.

T. H.


Mike did a great job helping my wife and I find our first home! We looked for 5 months, throughout that time our area of interest changed several times and he always made himself available any time we wanted to see something and would always provide us with as much information as possible in order for us to make a decision. He helped us through the paperwork and explained the process as we went along. I can't recommend Mike highly enough!

B. S.